New American University Merit Award Commitment

ASU awards New American University merit scholarships, renewable for eight consecutive semesters, to incoming freshmen. Beginning in fall 2016, if a student with a New American University award at the National Scholar, President’s, Provost’s, or Dean’s level completes their undergraduate degree in less than eight semesters, any remaining semester awards may be applied to an ASU immersion graduate degree program (online degree programs not eligible).


In order for a student’s scholarship award to remain eligible, they must be admitted and enrolled full time in an ASU immersion graduate degree program (online degree programs not eligible) immediately following their undergraduate degree completion. There must be no gap in enrollment. New American University Scholarship awards may not exceed an eight semester total.


Renewal Criteria:

In order to renew the scholarship at the graduate level, students must maintain full time enrollment (9+ credits per semester) and a minimum cumulative ASU GPA of 3.0. Renewal at the undergraduate level remains unchanged per the Scholarship Renewal Guide.


Who is eligible?

Students are eligible if they were awarded a New American University scholarship at the National Scholar, President’s, Provost, or Dean’s award level, AND have terms of eligibility remaining on their 8-term award, AND enroll in an ASU immersion graduate program (online degree programs not eligible) as a full-time, degree-seeking student directly after completing their ASU undergraduate program. Example: if a student receives a New American University Scholarship for 8 semesters and is able to finish their undergraduate degree in 6 semesters, the remaining 2 semesters can be applied to an ASU immersion graduate program (online degree programs not eligible).

What graduate programs are eligible?

Students must be enrolled in an ASU immersion graduate program (online degree programs not eligible) as a full-time, degree-seeking student.

Will award amounts change?

Award amounts will remain the same. In the case of nonresident National Scholar students, the award amount will reflect a value similar to the most recently awarded undergraduate award.

When does this policy go into effect?

The commitment begins during the fall 2016 semester. Current ASU undergraduate students are eligible for this scholarship commitment.

What does the student need to do for the scholarship to transition to the graduate fees?

The student needs to apply and be admitted to an applicable ASU immersion graduate program, and enroll directly into the program upon completion of their ASU undergraduate program. If any unused terms are available, the financial aid will post during the normal process of aid packaging.

Additional questions can be directed to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services office at 855-278-5080.