ASU tuition refund policy

Tuition refund policy


Things to know about the ASU tuition refund policy

When you register for classes, you’re obligated to pay all the tuition and registration fees. If you drop a class or officially cancel your enrollment during the 100 percent refund period, you’ll get all your money back. If you’re looking for information about a financial aid refund (financial aid funds left over after your tuition and charges are paid), visit the aid disbursement page.

Nonrefundable charges

After the 100 percent refund period passes, tuition and fee payments become nonrefundable.

Beginning Fall 2023, this date is the same as the drop deadline for classes offered in Sessions A, B and C

Amount of refund

If you owe any university charges, they will be deducted from your refund and be subject to payment holding periods.

Withdrawal/cancellation date

Withdrawal or cancellation officially occurs on the calendar date that you request it, whether in person or online.

Refund by semester

Please note that if you cancel your enrollment after the refund period, you will be required to pay the tuition and fees charges.

Medical or compassionate withdrawal

The tuition refund policy does not apply to medical and compassionate withdrawals. Partial tuition adjustments or nonrefundable credits may be granted in these cases. Each request will be determined by individual circumstances on a case-by-case basis, and is an option only if approved within two years of the end of the semester. For specific semester or session deadlines, please refer to Tuition Dates and Deadlines.