Inquire About a Charge

For specific questions regarding a student account charge or to appeal a charge, contact:




Campus Dining 480-965-3464
Campus Health   480-965-8559
Financial Aid   480-965-3355
Late Fees 480-965-6301
Library Processing & Fines  480-965-3417
Residential Life (Housing) 480-965-3515
Scholarship Office 480-965-4845
Study Abroad 480-965-5965
Sun Card 480-965-CARD
Tuition and Registration Fees 480-965-6341 or 480-965-6301
All other charge inquires 480-965-6301
Parking & Transit (parking permits and citations are billed separately) 480-965-4527



Contact the Student Accounts Office at 480-965-6341 or email with questions regarding student account charges and payments.