Special circumstances

Special circumstances

If you or your family have experienced unforeseen financial changes due to job loss, income reduction, asset value reduction, illness, etc... or you are facing increased educational expenses that affect your ability to fund your degree, Financial Aid and Scholarship Services can review your financial aid awards to determine if you are eligible for more federal funding. Follow these steps to begin a re-evaluation of your financial aid:


  1. Inform the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services office right away.

    Establish the nature of the change in circumstances and the financial impact by submitting the applicable forms.
    Student Income Reduction Review
    Submit the Student Income Reduction Review eForm if you, the student, have had a reduction in income since you filed your FAFSA.

    Student Budget ReviewSubmit the Student Budget Review eForm if you have additional expenses related to your cost of attendance.

    Parent Review
    If you’re a dependent student, you may submit the Parent Review eForm if your parent(s) have had a reduction in income since you filed your FAFSA or if they have additional expenses.

  2. Respond to any requests for additional information as soon as possible.
    A financial aid advisor will review the documents you submit. We will contact you if additional documentation is needed. Re-evaluation of your financial aid eligibility is subject to federal, state and university guidelines and is based on:

    Whether or not the change in financial circumstance has an actual impact on your aid eligibility;

    Timeliness of your original application for financial aid (filing the FAFSA);

    Timeliness and completeness of the submission of your review, the nature of the change in circumstances, as well as the availability of funds.

  3. Confirm the result of the re-evaluation.
    We will send you notification to your ASU email address once the review is complete. The email will summarize the decision and any actions you may need to take.

We know that there are many circumstances that may impact a family’s ability to contribute to a student’s education, and our team is prepared to work with you to understand your options and determine if any additional aid may be available based on your individual circumstances.