Flywire payment

Making international payments to ASU for your student account charges

ASU accepts all international payments via Flywire. It is a secure, streamlined payment process that makes it easy to pay from accounts in your home country and in your home currency.

As a result, your payment will be processed more quickly and conveniently. Benefits include:

  • For many countries and territories, pay in local currency using familiar payment methods like bank transfer, credit cards, e-payments (like PayPal and Alipay支付宝) and more.
  • Reduction in the time it takes for your payment to be processed by ASU.
  • Receive favorable foreign exchange rates and avoid hidden bank fees.
  • Ability to track payment anytime online until it reaches ASU.
  • Flywire multilingual customer support via phone, chat, WeChat and email for assistance with your payment, available 24/7.

How to make a payment

  1. Log in to My ASU and select the Finances tab at the top of the page. Click on Pay bill to be transferred to QuikPay.
  2. Once you are logged in to QuikPay, select Make a Payment.
  3. In the Payment Amount section, review Total Balance and Current Amount Due under Payment Amount. Enter Total Amount to pay ASU. Note: You are unable to pay more than the Total Balance. For the Payment Method, select International Payment.
  4. You will be redirected to the Flywire portal to submit payment to ASU.
  5. Select your preferred payment option from the options provided. Depending on your country, you will see various payment methods including bank transfer, credit card, Alipay 支付宝, and more.
  6. Complete the payer information and click Next.
  7. Your student information will be prefilled in the Student Information section. Click Next to confirm the information shown, and click Next again to see the payment instructions.
  8. Follow the payment instructions displayed to send the money to Flywire. Once your payment is received, Flywire will process your payment and send it to ASU along with your information.
  9. You will see your payment post on My ASU within three to five business days of sending the funds according to your payment instructions to Flywire.flywire logo

Payer support information — Customer Support team via live call or chat.

Authorized Payers

If your student has given you Authorized Payer access through My ASU Guest Access, you can log in to My ASU, click on Pay bill to be transferred to QuikPay, and select Make a Payment. 

From the Payment Method dropdown, select International Payment to be directed to Flywire and begin the payment process to ASU.


NOTE: Please be aware that Flywire is the only vendor authorized by ASU to facilitate international payments. For safety and security reasons, students should not attempt to make international payments through other third-party vendors or via direct wire transfers to the university.