2024-2025 Identity verification and statement of educational purpose

If this item is listed under your Financing Tasks in My ASU, your financial aid disbursement will be placed on hold until you provide the information requested.

Why this is needed

The Department of Education has notified ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services that you must confirm your identity and certify that the federal student aid you receive will be used only for educational purposes.


  1. Print the applicable form from the Download Forms section below and follow the instructions provided.
    • If you currently attend the ASU campus in person, choose the In-Person version of the form.
    • If you currently cannot visit an ASU campus, choose the By Mail version of the form.
  2. The applicable form must be completed. If you make a mistake on the applicable form, please make the correction and initial your new response.
  3. Submit the form and required documentation to ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services in person or by mail.
    • Note: If you use a California notary, the notary will need to identify the type of government-issued ID that is presented to them at the time the notarization is completed.

You can view your document status on My ASU’s Finances tab. Please allow two to three business days for a receipt to show in your Financing Tasks.

Note: you only need to print and submit one form (see above instructions to determine which form you must complete).

Identity verification and Statement of Educational Purpose Video