Loan Default Resolution Required

Financial Aid and Scholarship Services will request this documentation only if it is needed to complete your financial aid file. This item holds the awarding and disbursement of financial aid if it is listed on your task list on My ASU.


  1. Refer to the National Student Loan Data System website to determine the holder of your defaulted student loan. Contact them directly for instructions on how to resolve your defaulted loan.
  2. Once the defaulted loan is resolved please provide Financial Aid and Scholarship Services with one of the appropriate forms of documentation from the guarantee or collection agency.

Appropriate documentation consists of:

  • Loan paid in full (including consolidation)
  • Satisfactory repayment arrangement (including making six consecutive, full, voluntary payments on time)
  • Rehabilitation of the loan (including making nine consecutive, full, voluntary payments)

For consolidation information please contact Direct Lending Consolidation at 1-800-557-7392.