2022–2023 Student additional financial information verification

If this item is listed under your Financing Tasks on My ASU, your financial aid awarding and disbursement will be placed on hold.

Why this is needed

Due to conflicting information or changes made to your FAFSA, we need you to clarify and document the amount of additional income you received in 2020.

Examples: The items below are considered additional financial information

  • Education credits.
  • Child support paid.
  • Need-based employment earnings.
  • Grants and/or scholarships.
  • Combat pay.
  • Earnings from work under a cooperative education program.


  1. Click on the eForm below and follow the instructions provided.
  2. Submit the eForm.


You can view your document status in My ASU’s Finances tab. Please allow two to three business days for a receipt to show in your Financing Tasks.

Complete and submit online.