ASU Deferment Policy

Students awarded specific institutional merit scholarships and students participating in the President Barack Obama Scholars Program or ASU College Attainment Grant Program must begin study at ASU in the fall semester following high school graduation. Consecutive enrollment in fall and spring semesters is required for renewal. Institutional merit scholarships, President Barack Obama Scholars Program and ASU College Attainment Grant Program funds may be awarded for a maximum of eight semesters.

Submission Deadlines

  • All scholarship and financial aid programs - Aug. 1.
  • Merit students with conditionally approved, fall-only awards - Dec. 31.

Completed appeals must be received by close of business on the appeal deadline. Late requests will not be accepted.

This form allows students who did not meet scholarship renewal criteria the opportunity to request a review of their scholarship eligibility if there are special or unusual circumstances.

Why this is needed

Before you return to ASU from your approved deferment, you need to complete a reinstatement request eForm. The reinstatement request eForm will provide ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services with the information needed to reinstate your scholarship or Obama Scholar Program funds. Make sure you include the documentation requested on the eForm, depending on your personal situation. Please submit to ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services no later than 30 days prior to the semester you are re-entering to be considered.

This form is to be used by private donors, sending in scholarship checks, to help us identify the student and disbursement parameters of the award (i.e. enrollment requirements and term the award is to be applied); ideally, the form will be printed and attached to the check.

This form is used by student-athletes who wish to appeal the cancellation, reduction or non-renewal of athletic grant-in-aid. Appeals are reviewed by the Athletic Grant-in-Aid Committee in Student Financial Assistance at the Tempe campus.


  • Included with the form.
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