Confirmation of participation


Class participation

Students who receive financial aid are expected to earn their aid by participating in all of their classes every session. 

Attending and participating in all of the courses a student is enrolled in not only ensures that they are getting the most out of the college experience, but it also helps students remain eligible for financial aid. Students must show participation in their courses by the 21st day after the course start date. If a student’s participation is not confirmed by the 21st day of class, their aid may be reduced or canceled, and they may be required to pay for charges without aid. 

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Confirming class participation

How does a student confirm participation?

  • Completing a survey in My ASU. This is the simplest way to confirm participation. Survey links will be available seven days after classes begin. You can access the surveys you need to complete next to each course listed in the My Courses box in My ASU. You will also see a task listed in your Priority Tasks box. 

How do I know if my participation still needs to be confirmed?

  • A Priority task in My ASU will link you to the participation survey(s) you need to complete. You will be notified by ASU email only if your participation has not been confirmed. After the 21st day, if you still have not participated in a course, your aid may be reduced or canceled. You will see this change in the Finances tab in My ASU almost immediately. 

Student FAQs

Students, follow these steps to complete a quick survey that confirms participation:

  • Log in to My ASU.
  • Visit My Classes on the left side of your home page.
  • Click the $ icon next to each class. 
  • Complete the survey.

Click Submit.

The Department of Education requires early participation in order to ensure students earn the financial aid eligibility for the class.

Confirmation of participation helps ASU administer financial aid within the regulations established by the Department of Education. By confirming participation, ASU helps students stay on track to earn financial aid for the semester and keep their financial aid to pay charges.

Yes. ASU must confirm participation for each class for each session start.

If you are a loan recipient, your loans will be returned if you do not participate in at least one course.

If you are a Pell, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG) or Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) grant recipient, your full grant amount will be canceled if you do not demonstrate participation in every course you are enrolled in, 

In either case, the funds may be returned, any funds already disbursed to you will need to be paid back, and you will need to pay your charges without that aid. 


If you do not enroll in more courses, you will be responsible for your bill.

If you enroll in more courses, and participation is confirmed by the 21st day of those courses, you will have aid eligibility reinstated for future sessions you are participating in, as long as you’re attending at least half time for the semester (6 credits for undergraduates, 5 credits for graduates).

No. You will remain enrolled in the courses, but your aid will be reduced or canceled and you will be billed for your charges.

This requirement applies to all students receiving financial aid, beginning fall 2022.

If you haven’t participated in a course by the 21st day, and are still enrolled in the course, you can still complete a course survey to have your aid reinstated. Course surveys will remain posted in My ASU through the end of the term, as long as you are still enrolled in the course. Aid will be automatically reinstated once you complete the survey.

The confirmation of participation standard applies to all financial aid. Check your course list in My ASU and complete the survey for any course that has the dollar sign icon next to it.

You can email participation@asu.edu with questions about this federal financial aid policy.

Faculty FAQs

ASU must confirm students are participating in their courses to ensure eligibility for the financial aid they have been awarded for the semester.

Students who are reported as "not participating" in the courses for which financial aid was awarded will have their aid recalculated and revoked as appropriate, and the student will have to pay back the remaining amount. 

If a student has questions about their confirmation status, or about the status of their financial aid, direct them to the website, or they may email questions to participation@asu.edu

Question 1: Describe one interesting thing you have learned in this course so far.

Question 2: How do you hope this course will contribute to your broader academic and career goals?


Survey responses will be made available to you in My ASU by the 21st day of courses via a faculty dashboard. You will receive a notification in My ASU when this dashboard is ready to view.

Yes. All students who receive financial aid will be required to demonstrate participation.

You can include the following information in your syllabus or as an announcement in your Canvas course:

Students who receive financial aid are required by the Department of Education to demonstrate participation in courses by the 21st day of classes to maintain their aid. Students will be prompted to confirm their participation through survey links posted in My ASU after the seventh day of classes. You may review details about this financial aid policy at https://tuition.asu.edu/financial-aid/confirmation-of-participation.