Get ready for the fall semester


Classes for fall 2024 sessions A and C begin Aug. 22. Are you ready?


Three things to know before your first day of class

This video guides you through the steps to ensure that your financial aid arrives on time for the fall semester.

1. Monitor My ASU

Complete any Priority Tasks to ensure that your financial aid processing is on track. Make sure you check in at least once a week to view the status of your tasks and see if any new tasks have been added. When new tasks are added, you’ll also receive an email notification, so check your ASU email regularly.

Watch this video to learn about Financing Tasks and see how to complete the checklist action items.

2. Act on your financial aid offer

This video shows you how to accept or decline your student loans for 2024–2025 in My ASU. You can accept the full amount or a portion, or decline the loans. Review your budget and determine the amount you need for the academic year.

Manage your student loan amounts

Learn more about your student loans with these helpful videos! They explain how loans are divided between fall and spring, how  to adjust the amount you've accepted, and the credit requirements for different types of financial aid.


See how financial aid is split between semesters.


Change the amount of loans you already accepted if need be.


Awards are based on how many credit hours you enroll in.

Complete your Master Promissory Note and entrance counseling:

Visit to electronically submit your Master Promissory Note. Complete your loan entrance counseling, where you’ll learn the terms and conditions and your rights and responsibilities, at Complete this task as soon as you see it listed on the Finances tab in My ASU.

3. Enroll in direct deposit and monitor your refund


How do I set up direct deposit?


When will I get my refund?


How do I make a payment?