Dependency override

You indicated on the FAFSA that you have an unusual circumstance and are unable to provide parental information.

To receive consideration for a dependency override from Arizona State University, you must submit a request for a dependency review to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. If this item is listed under Financing Tasks in My ASU, your financial aid awarding and disbursement will be placed on hold.

If you do not have an unusual circumstance that qualifies you to submit a dependency review, please review the information regarding Parental Nondisclosure. This request only provides students with an opportunity to borrow federal direct unsubsidized loans.


  • Ensure your situation qualifies as an unusual circumstance as listed on the dependency review webpage.
  • Documentation is essential. If you are unable to properly document your situation, or if your situation does not qualify as an unusual circumstance, consider the alternatives listed on the dependency review webpage.
  • Submission of a dependency review request does not guarantee a dependency override.
  • Nonresidents who are approved for a dependency override may still have difficulty covering all charges due to federal student aid limits.