Resolve over limit status

Why this is needed

Financial Aid and Scholarship Services has determined that you have received more than the total allowable loan limits in Direct Student loans per federal government rules. This means that you are currently ineligible for any type of federal financial aid until you resolve the overage.

To resolve the overage, you must follow the directions sent to your ASU email and submit the Resolve Over Limit Status eForm.

You can review your student loan balances on the Federal Student Aid dashboard at You will need your FSA ID and password to access your information. Once Financial Aid and Scholarship Services completes this review, we will determine any remaining financial aid eligibility.


  1. Please select the appropriate aid year's eForm below and follow the instructions provided on the eForm.
  2. Submit the form, with all documents that were requested by Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

You can view your document status on the Finances page of My ASU. Please allow three business days for our receipt of your form to show in your Financing Tasks.