Student Level Reclassification

Student Wage Scale | Employer Info

For employer use only. As students become more experienced in their jobs, they are able to take on more responsibilities. For this reason, we have implemented a reclassification system for student employees. Follow this process if you think the duties and responsibilities of your student employee have increased and their new pay rate will increase from one student level to the next one up.


  1. Create or have a new position number for the new student level.
  2. Go to PTR at
  3. Check "My Departments" and enter the Student's ASU Emplid.
  4. Check "Promotion" and "Pay Rate Change".
  5. Enter the requested information into PTR.
  6. In the PTR Comment section, type in "Student Level Reclassification" and describe how the job has changed and list the additional job responsibilities.
  7. Our office will receive the PTR for approval.