Student Income Reduction Review

Expected Family Contribution measures your family's financial strength and is used to determine your eligibility for need-based aid during one academic year. You receive an EFC based on the processing results of your FAFSA. If the income information on your FAFSA has changed since the time you filed, you may submit an income reduction review. The review, if approved, will reevaluate your FAFSA and your EFC using the current information.

Note for families with a zero Expected Family Contribution: Students and families with a zero Expected Family Contribution do not need to submit this form since the EFC cannot be reduced further and the maximum amount of aid possible has already been offered.

Changes resulting from this review do not guarantee an increase in aid.

A loss of income experienced by a dependent student but not substantially affecting the combined income of the family (parents' income) may have little to no impact on a student's financial aid eligibility.

Reviews will not be processed until your financial aid file is complete and your financial aid has been awarded.

If your current situation is not on the form and you want to know if it is reviewable, please contact us and a counselor will assess your situation. Not all situations are reviewable per federal regulations.

If you have been awarded up to your cost of attendance (i.e., your financial aid budget) and would like to be considered for an increase, you must submit a Student Budget Review form.

University employees reviewing financial aid forms are mandatory reporters. Specific information related to acts of sexual harassment, which includes sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking, committed by an ASU student or employee, or that happened on ASU property, or in an ASU program or activity, must be reported. Information about campus resources including advocacy assistance and confidential counseling and confidential victim-survivor advocacy can be found at For more information about mandatory reporting at ASU, review the FAQs here. 


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